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Over 15 Years of Property Maintenance Services in addition to local experience and ownership. We started Marquee Property Maintenance to provide our top-quality handyman skills to the local Northern Indiana community. We already service and maintain over 100 properties in the Northern Indiana area through our property management firm: Marquee Property Management, and are confident we can provide you high quality services with ease.

We are Locally Owned and Operated, and can handle a vast majority of your needs with local expertise. Give us a call or use our contact us page to inquire about our services.

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Regardless of your needs, we can handle it all. Marquee has been managing properties for decades. Come see what we can help you with, today!

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Marquee’s goal for each investor & tenant is to provide safe, clean, well maintained, functional, and affordable housing for those they serve.


Marquee has a structure built on years of experience and dictation to ensure our investors are satisfied.

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We do whatever it takes to ensure our tenants are comfortable and taken care of.


We handle large and small properties. Either size works with us!


Our bread and butter is Residential. We manage all aspects of Tenant Care.

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To Flip or To Invest?

June 10, 20243 min read

To Flip or Not to Flip: That is the Real Estate Question!

Ah, the age-old debate among real estate enthusiasts: to flip or to hold? It’s like choosing between binge-watching your favorite show or savoring each episode. Both have their perks and pitfalls. So, grab your popcorn (or your toolbelt), and let’s dive into the wild world of real estate investing!

investing vs Flipping?

Why Real Estate? Because Stocks are Like Roller Coasters!

Why are folks flocking to real estate? Simple! It’s like that one friend who always shows up on time. Unlike the stock market, which can be as unpredictable as a cat on catnip, real estate tends to offer more stable returns. Plus, property values usually rise with inflation, unlike your gym membership fees.

Not to mention, the equity you build can help finance other adventures without needing to rob a bank. And let’s not forget the tax perks of mortgage interest! Real estate can be a sweet gig, offering steady cash flow and a cozy place to crash if all else fails.

Passive vs. Active Income: Lazy River or High-Intensity Workout?

Imagine passive income as floating down a lazy river. You buy a property, hire someone to manage it, and just collect rent while sipping on a mojito. Active income, on the other hand, is like a high-intensity workout – think CrossFit for your wallet. You’re flipping houses, managing contractors, and probably ripping out carpet at 3 AM. It’s a hustle, but it can pay off big time.

Flipping is no passive income stream. It’s an all-out sprint to buy, renovate, and sell – rinse and repeat. So, if your idea of a good time is managing chaos, flipping might just be your jam.

Flipping: Two Approaches (and Both Need Lots of Coffee)

  1. Distressed Digs: These are the bargain properties from folks who need out fast. It’s like finding treasure in a garage sale.

  2. Fixer-Uppers: These beauties need some love – a new roof, some fresh paint, maybe a sledgehammer session or two.

Distressed properties are all about scoring a deal. Fixer-uppers, however, require elbow grease and creativity to turn a frog into a prince. Either way, be prepared for some serious sweat equity.

Flipping Pros and Cons: The Good, The Bad, and The Taxman


  • Quick Cash: Six months (or less) to flip and earn.

  • Less Risky: Shorter time frame means less exposure to market whims.


  • Expensive: High transaction costs and potential cash flow issues.

  • Tax Troubles: Short-term gains can mean a hefty tax bill.

Buy-and-Hold: The Tortoise of Real Estate


  • Steady Income: Rent keeps rolling in, month after month.

  • Value Growth: Properties usually appreciate, making you richer over time.

  • Tax Benefits: Lower tax rates and deductible expenses – cha-ching!


  • Vacancy Woes: Sometimes, tenants don’t show up, and you’re stuck paying the mortgage.

  • Management Madness: Dealing with tenants and maintenance can be a full-time job.

What’s Right for You? (Hint: There’s No One-Size-Fits-All)

Ask yourself: Do you have the patience for long-term gains or the hustle for quick flips? Are you ready to become a landlord or do you prefer a short-term, hands-on project?

Flipping is like a high-energy dance-off, perfect when market conditions are just right. Buying and holding, however, is more like planting a tree and watching it grow, ideal for building long-term wealth.

Conclusion: Flip It, Hold It, or Both?

Whether you’re in it for the long haul or the quick flip, real estate can be your ticket to financial freedom. Flip during market highs, hold for steady income and wealth growth, or mix both for a balanced portfolio. Whatever you choose, remember: the best strategy is one that aligns with your goals and lifestyle. Ready to dive in? Contact us and let's make those real estate dreams come true!

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How do you handle maintenance beyond the property management’s abilities?

We have several 3rd party vendors that we use, when a licensed contractor is needed or required who also backs up their work with a warranty.

What is your application process?

We have set parameters that we require from all our prospects.  - Each prospect applies, and a 3rd party vendor receives that information and is able to make a decision based on those parameters.

What do I have to do to onboard my properties into your system?

We will do all the “footwork” to onboard those properties into our system with very minimal effort on the part of the investor.

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